Anna Fredrickson, LMBT
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Massage for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is perhaps the best time in a woman’s life to receive massage and other forms of bodywork. Carrying a child brings huge changes to her physical body and her emotional body. Labor and delivery bring profound changes to her spirit. What better way to nurture her, to usher in and support these changes than with massage? The American Pregnancy Association has gathered information from a number of studies, concluding that massage during pregnancy helps with a wide range of symptoms and concerns; from anxiety to newborn health.

Anna Fredrickson, LMBT, has worked with pregnant woman since her initial massage licensure in 2014. In 2017, she went on to receive additional training from the renowned Claire Marie Miller, earning Prenatal and Postpartum certifications in Miller’s Nurturing the Mother seminar. 

Below, you will find rates for single prenatal and postpartum sessions, as well as packages designed to support the expecting mother at each phase of her journey. 

Prenatal                                                        Postpartum

60 min ...   $65                                                   60 min   ...   $85

90 min   ...   $89                                                 90 min   ...   $119



The Basic Package includes three 60 minute sessions during the second trimester, three 90 minute sessions in the third trimester, and one 60 minute session postpartum. Over eight hours of hands-on time, split into seven sessions. The Basic Package is great for expecting mothers who have very little discomfort and who just want a monthly session to support them in their journey   ...   $445

The Standard Package includes one 60 min session in the first trimester, three 60 minute sessions in the second trimester, six 90 minute sessions in the third trimester, and two 60 minute sessions postpartum. Ideal for expecting mothers who experience greater discomfort in the second and third trimesters, the Standard Package offers biweekly 90 minute sessions when she really needs the extra care in her back and hips. A total of 15 hours divided into 12 separate sessions  ...   $844

The Deluxe Package offers Mama the most consistent support in her 12 month journey. Monthly 60 minute sessions in the the first trimester, followed by biweekly 60 minute sessions in the second trimester, and weekly 90 minute sessions throughout the third. After delivery, she can enjoy three 60 minute sessions to aid in postpartum recovery. 30 hours of hands-on time divided into 24 separate healing sessions, spaced at the most optimal points throughout her journey  ...   $1495


What can I expect from my prenatal session?

Prenatal sessions during the first trimester may be performed with mama on her side or face up/face down, as in any other massage session. Second and third trimester sessions are performed with mama on her side, supported with pillows. The focus for each session will be determined by the practitioner and client beforehand, but often includes specific techniques to ease pain and tension in the lower back and hips. Certain points on the body that pose risk during pregnancy may be avoided, and other adjustments may be necessary if her pregnancy has been deemed “high risk” by a healthcare professional. In general, heat and deep pressure on the legs is contraindicated during pregnancy.


What can I expect from my postpartum session?

Postnatal sessions are typically performed as an outcall service. Outcall fees are included in the price of each postpartum session. The practitioner will arrive at your home with everything she needs to perform the massage. You may be asked to provide adequate space for a massage table, an outlet, hot water, and an additional person to care for the baby while you receive your massage. The focus during the session is typically on the upper back and shoulders, to alleviate tension due to breastfeeding. Abdominal work is recommended, to assist healing of the uterus and displaced organs, and to promote digestion and ease constipation. Castor oil may be applied to the abdomen; each session includes a castor oil pack.